julho 08, 2013

contando histórias #2: meus bonecos normais e gigantes

Começo a semana com mais um vídeo da série contando histórias e com ele, um passo a passo dum layout inspirado em outros layouts antigos feitos  em fins de 2009, início de 2010. Porém, antes do PAP, eu tenho uma explicação sobre álbuns postbound and ringbound com o que eu acho que são as vantagens e desvantagens de cada um. Vamos a ele! 

It's a new week and I start it with a video on Portuguese about postbound and ringbounds albums e I show some old pages of mine from the end of 2009 begin of 2010. It was pages with a really whimsical patterned paper background, and I usually embellishment so little. So I use this kind of page for doing this new one for the same album, but more on my today's style, but using the patterned paper background and the little embellishment as inspiration. Here is my layout:

As you see, I use a long patterned paper on background, but not all, and I try to subtle it with vellum. I have a hard time to embellish it, but since I have the idea to use these leaves and the title block I was able to complete it really fast and I just love how it looks.

I just love the vellum look and the embellishment give a really good look even if is just a few of them.

Now, I have a question for you, to you want to have the opportunity to see my videos on English or even maybe subtitle or you just like read a little bit about as I am doing? Just looking for feedback about it.

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Manda Moore disse...

This is beautiful, I love how you used vellum to soften the patterned paper.

Dulcinea Silva disse...

Thank you so much Manda! I love patterned paper, but i love them softer when it takes a big space.

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